We buy traffic. We generate leads. In large volumes. Cooperate with direct advertisers from the world and top top partnership programs. A team where everyone is primarily a strong personality with entrepreneurial thinking, and not just an “arbiter” Everyone has unique experience, tools and life hacks in narrow niches. All this in total makes it possible to solve a huge number of complex tasks and constantly raise the bar of goals. We work with almost all sources of purchased traffic. We will be glad to cooperate with you if we have common views on important things. Everyone is responsible for what he does, because he does it professionally. No one is babysitting. Took the problem – solved the problem. How? You know better. Flexible skills. You will have to communicate a lot, because everyone contributes to the achievement of common goals. We are for social comfort and a free atmosphere in the team. Waiting for weather from the sea is too passive, but this is not our style. Working with us is the very case when the initiative is only encouraged, especially if it ultimately leads to a result. The main thing is to show it, and think out a plan.

Link: http://just-traffic.pro/
Technologies that were used:
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Cloudfare
  • JavaScript
  • PHP