Souleway is company that produce different bags and backpacks from Hamburg, Germany. I was a remote developer for this company for half of the year. I made a lot of different customizations and developed new product pages. The story of Souleway: “We believe that the best products can only come from good and close partnerships. So, looking for producers, we traveled around the world to find the perfect factory that shared our values and aspirations. We found them at the end very close – here in Hamburg.” “Together with our production team, we only select materials that meet the highest quality standards. The production of materials is just as important to us as their appearance and functionality. So we mainly source our fabrics from Turkey and the leather from Italian tanneries.” “We love to travel, to experience adventure and to discover the world. That’s why we founded Souleway! We would like to share our love of travel with you and create a place that inspires travel and introduces new places with our Travel Guide.” There is also a nice travel blog where different photographers and bloggers share their photos and experience.

Technologies that were used:
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Product Condstructor