How to install Open Server on Mac OS

Unfortunately, that’s impossible, but there is an alternative – MAMP. MAMP is not so convenient as Open Server, but still good and you will be very familiar with it after using of Open Server.

How to start using MAMP:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the package
  3. Install the package


Just find the icon in Launchpad and there will be a window where you can start your server. Your website will be at http://localhost:8888/. Then you can create folders for your projects there.

What to use MAMP or XAMPP?

XAMPP, like MAMP, doesn’t give you much help in creating virtual hosts and while it does give you a couple of options for server environments, it doesn’t let you run multiple types of environments at the same time or do any of the legwork of setting up new sites for you. It’s up to you to choose which one is better, but remember MAMP stands for Mac Apache MySQL and PHP and as the name suggests it’s Mac-only.

UPD: I found better alternative – AMPPS.

Why it’s better? There’s no any problems with it on the High Sierra OS, but with others there are some problems with installing themes on WordPress.

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