Show/hide content for special users in WordPress

Sometimes you need to hide or show some content for some users with a special role. I met this problem many time on freelance. So here is simple code for the default user roles such as editor and administrator. With you using of this code you can show different content for different user roles. Another […]

Why it is important to use React PropTypes

React PropTypes is a small package and since v15.5. of React it is separate package that is not required ti use React. But you should use and I will tell you why. The main purpose of the PropTypes is to make a validation of the props in React Apps and props is the main way […]

How to install Open Server on Mac OS

Unfortunately, that’s impossible, but there is an alternative – MAMP. MAMP is not so convenient as Open Server, but still good and you will be very familiar with it after using of Open Server. How to start using MAMP: Visit Download the package Install the package Start Just find the icon in Launchpad and […]

How to start using React on the simple html page

React is a great JavaScript library for creating interfaces. Some people always will say that this is a framework, but it’s not and I’ll show you why. What if I want to use React and JSX in a normal index.html file with no npm or webpack in sight? And that’s possible. Without using of npm, […]